Journal of Clinical Nursing and Practice

Marco Giammanco

Marco Giammanco, MD
Professor, Department of Dichirons
University of Palermo, Italy


Dr. Marco Giammanco received is M.D. degree in Medicine and Surgery from University of Palermo, Italy. He is currently Associate Professor of Nutrition and expert in the field of Human Nutrition and Endocrine Physiopathology, with particular reference to thyroid gland diseases. Dr. Giammanco is Editor in Chief of Journal Biological Research, component of board of editors of several international scientific journals, member of the board of Italian Society for Experimental Biology (SIBS) and of other several scientific societies. Dr. Giammanco is President of Santo Gammanco Foundation for Scientific Research. Advancement and component of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Dr. Giammanco has authored over 200 publications, 5 books and numerous international and national conference papers.

Research Interest

His research area of interest includes antioxidant activity of food molecules and thyroid hormone effects on human metabolism.