Journal of Multiple Sclerosis

ISSN - 2376-0389
NLM - 101654564

Filli Linard

Filli Linard
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Neurology
University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland


Linard Filli did his PhD in the group of Martin E. Schwab at the Brain Research Institute of the University and ETH Zurich. During his PhD, he investigated the structural and functional plasticity of the CNS after incomplete spinal cord injury and its consequences on motor recovery. In the Schwab Lab, Linard Filli also got insights into experimental research in the field of stroke and multiple sclerosis. In 2012 Linard Filli decided to follow the path of translation from experimental to clinical research and changed to the Department of Neurology at the University Hospital Zurich. Here, he is team leader of the "Gait Research Lab", where multiple studies are conducted on the characterization of motor deficits, motor adaptation and functional recovery in patients with multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, stroke and spinal cord injury.

Research Interest

Studying the capacity of the CNS to compensate and recover from damage evoked by spinal cord injury, stroke and multiple sclerosis. Investigating spontaneous and treatment-induced adaptations in the CNS leading to functional recovery after CNS damage. Characterization of motor dysfunction elicited by damage to specific areas of the CNS, and investigating the mechanisms underlying motor recovery upon CNS damage in patients with neurological disorders.