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Dr. Eddy Bruno Esien

Dr. Eddy Bruno Esien, PhD
Professor, Faculty of Social Science, Department of Public and Social Policy
Charles University in Prague, Austria


Dr Eddy Bruno Esien, PhD is an experienced Senior Researcher and Teaching Fellow. Currently, he is a professor lecturing public and social policy (administration), scientific methodology and methods etc in different bachelor's, master's, and PhD programs. He has (15+) years of professional experience with his collaborative ethical team leadership, synergistic thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills as a member of different university conference committee boards, professional scientific journal editorial boards, and professional organizations. He has published (30+) peer-reviewed articles and peer-reviewed several articles in national and international double-blinded peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Research Interest

“Neo-corporatism in Government and Interest Groups Intermediation of Interest for Work Promotion”; “Open Information, Contract Management, Transparency and Ethical Standards in Local Government Units Policy Decision Making and Implementation”; “Shared-knowledge, Transparency, and Accountability in State-Civil Society Relational Governance on COVID-19 Resilience Building Societies”; “Contractual Obligations, Individual Autonomy, and Sanctions in Targeting Benefits”; “Targeting Benefits and Age Criteria in Social Benefits Eligibility"