Plastic Surgery: Case Studies

Daniel Sundfeld Spiga Real

Daniel Sundfeld Spiga Real
Substitute professor, Department of medicine
Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil


Dr. Daniel Sundfeld Spiga Real is a Plastic Surgeon graduated from Escola Paulista de Medicina - EPM/UNIFESP. Titular Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery SBCP. Founder of the Interprofessional League for Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment – LIPFLAP. Founder of the Sundfeld Institute of Plastic Surgery – ISCP. Substitute professor of medicine at the Federal University of São Carlos. Extensive experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, with a strong focus on facial and breast surgery. Developer of surgical techniques such as: Reis-Sundfeld Frontotemporal Minilifting, Sundfeld-Reis otoplasty technique, Clinical classification of eyebrow tail ptosis and S-Apple Flap flap. Robotic platform-assisted surgery projects for intrauterine treatment of cleft lip and palate and development of implantable orthosis for dynamic correction of eyelid ptosis.

Research Interest

cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, facial and breast surgery, Robotic platform-assisted surgery