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ISSN - 2322-3308

Bishnu Prasad Kandel

Bishnu Prasad Kandel, Master Degree in Agriculture
Young Agriculture Researcher, Plant breeding


Young agriculture researcher in the field of crop improvement, germplasm characterization, genetics and plant breeding. Improving the traditional agriculture system of Nepal via research, development work and education is my objectives of career

Research Interest

I am very energetic and enthusiastic researcher in the field of crop science and breeding activities of agronomic crops. I am mainly focused on field evaluation and characterization of landraces and germplasm. My master thesis entitle “Evaluation of maize hybrids based on agro-morphological ,chlorophyll and electron transport mean” . From this work I have knowledge about photosystem, photosynthetic performance and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters and its related to stress physiology.

Authors were well acquainted about following research topic

  • Characterization of field evaluation of various landraces and genotypes of agronomic crops
  • Performance evaluation of genotypes/landraces/ varieties
  • Farmers preference analysis and participatory varietal evaluation

Working on following topic

  • Varietal evaluation of genotypes/ varieties etc
  • Characterization of germplasm/landraces
  • Yield stability and G* E interaction
  • Heritability, genetic variability and character association studies (correlation and path)
  • Clustering and Principle component analysis and many more