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ashraf mashrai

ashraf mashrai
University of Science and Technology, Ibb Branch, Yemen


During the research period, he learned multi-stepped synthesis of highly condensed heterocyclic steroidal compound in the field of organic chemistry. Moreover, he worked on IR, H NMR, 13C NMR, DEPT, MS and CHN Analysis. The synthesis was led by different protocols like one-pot, multi-component, etc. He was conducted antimicrobial studies against different bacterial and fungal strains. In addition, toxicity (MTT assay, sulforhodamine B Assay) against different cancer cell and non-cancer cells, genotoxic role (comet assay). In the field of in silico, he worked in computational profiling (PAAS software to predict the bioactivity), physicochemical properties (Gold score analysis, Algorithm of activity spectrum estimation) DNA binding profile heterocyclic compounds, Molecular docking/ modelling studies with DNA, proteins like S 12, P 53 tumor suppressor protein and enzymes like DNA-TOPO-1,he studied the cleavage supercoiled gel electrophoroetic studies, pBR322 DNA via ROS generation pathway, T4 DNA ligase assay.

Research Interest

Dr. Ashraf Mashrai research interests includes Medicinal chemistry; Steroidal chemistry; X-ray crystallography; Nanotechnology;catalyst