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Andrea Biscardi

Andrea Biscardi
Emergency and Trauma Surgery Unit
Maggiore Hospital, Bologna, Italy


Dr. Andrea Biscardi has received his PhD in Bologna University during the period of 1976-1982 . Currently, he is working as Senior Consultant General and Emrgency Surgeon in Emergency and Trauma Surgery department, Maggiore Hospital, Bologna, Italy. He has been Professor teaching Anatomy and Physiology for the School for Nursing of University of Modena in 1991-93. Consultant Surgeon in charge for the Mammotome project and biopsy procedures and clinical head of the Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy program from 1999 to 2001 at the Division of Surgery General Hospital of Sassuolo (MO). He has been co-authored of 23 articles published and indexed for MedLine (PUBMED). Since 2010 has been nominated by the University of Bologna as Tutor/Evaluating Professor in the discipline General Surgery in the Clinical Skills (Clinical Practice) Hospital session of the Medical Graduates for National Medical Licensing Exam. Since 2002 he is Instructor, member of the Faculty of the Trauma Surgery and Hands On Course, official course of the Italian Society of Surgeons for Specialist Surgeons, initiated by the Trauma Team of Maggiore Hospital, with two editions held annually.

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