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Akshita Mann

Akshita Mann
University of Health Sciences , India


Dr. Akshita Mann is working as a Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics Consultant, esthetic dentist and general dental surgeon with dental shapers group, Sanjiv Bansal Cygnus Hospital, Karnal, Haryana, India and a Reviewer to Bioinfo publications. She is not only in a skilled dental surgeon and an endodontic specialist providing comprehensive patient care but also has worked as a preclinical demonstrator and teacher for dental undergraduate students. She has been an active part of various charitable dental camps and health care programs throughout her dental carrier at undergraduate, postgraduate and at a clinician level. She is a member of Indian Dental Association and Indian Endodontic Society and is a published researcher in the field of dentistry publishing 2 national papers and 8 scientific papers under review. She is currently continuing her research with chitosan nanoparticles for periapical healing.

Research Interest

Evaluation of the effect of various irrigating solutions on the bond strength of gutta percha to root dentin surface when used with resin based sealers, to note the chemical effects of irrigants on the root canal surface and smear layer removal. o Worked on “Nanodentistry” as my dissertation in postgraduation. o Studied the phenomena of “water treeing” in polymers that affects the Nanoleakage in composite restorations and presented 2 posters for the same. o Studied the effect of chitosan nanoparticles on root canal dentin and smear layer removal, scientific paper presentation in AIIMS, New Delhi , India. o Currently, studying the effect of chitosan nanoparticles in periapical healing.

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