Journal of Multiple Sclerosis

ISSN - 2376-0389
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Yasser Hamed

Department of Neurology medicine, Faculty of Medicine, El-Azhar University-Assiut branch, Egypt


  • Research Article   
    Could Covid-19 Vaccine Induce CNS Demyelination
    Author(s): Yasser Hamed, Abd Elaziz Shokry, Tarek Mansour, Khaled Mohamed Ali Shehata and Salma Mokhtar Osman*

    Background: Despite the fact that immunization against Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) is still ongoing, numerous adverse reactions to these vaccinations have already been observed, albeit in isolated cases. Objective: To report different neurological complications developed after COVID-19 virus vaccination. Method: Six patients had neurological manifestations (vertigo, ataxia, recurrent attacks of loss of consciousness, optic neuritis, myelitis) starting 2-7 days after COVID-19 vaccination. MRI was obtained during the acute period. Results: Five patients had altered signal intensity, multiple variable-sized, round to oval ill-defined lesions suggestive of multiple sclerosis; and the last one showed findings compatible with cervicodorsal myelitis. Conclusion: COVID-19 vaccination could result in neurological complications probably secondary to post-vaccination inflammation... View More»

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