International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology

Vinay Krishna

Department of Civil Engineering, KMEA Engineering College, Kerala, India


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    Automatic Cleaning of Road
    Author(s): Vinay Krishna*

    Self-cleaning of road is that to reduce the dust and temperature to maintain the roads atmosphere. In this project fixing two types of sensors which are dust sensor and temperature sensor. When temperature will increase, the temperature sensor will active and then water will spray through the nozzle and the same function to the dust sensor. When the dust is increasing the dust sensor will active and water will spray through the nozzle. The circular nozzle connected to spray water at sensible times. Then the water from pipeline connected with a solenoidal valve to nozzle for spraying water. So the connection completed and it will work. casinoplus vdcasino betriyal betriyal.. View More»

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