Journal of Dental Research and Practice

Sameer Atrash

Tufts Dental School, USA


  • Short Communication   
    Disruptive Innovation in Dentistry
    Author(s): Sameer Atrash

    In the book???Seeing What???s Next,??? Clayton Christensen coined the term disruptive innovation and further predicts the future of different industries. Disruptive innovation may be defined as an innovation that disrupts an existing market by taking out a service or product in that market and entering it into a new or another existing market. As a result, this decreases the value of one market while increasing value of another. After examining various case studies, it was determined that Clayton Christensen disruptive innovation model may be applied to predict the future of dentistry. An infographic was created to illustrate this notion. Education differentiates the level of the hierarchy, while the area of each segment represents market size available for that section. Withtime, it is natural for services to decrease sectors. In the current day, you will find general d.. View More»

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