Journal of Dental Research and Practice

Richard J Miron

University of Bern, Swaziland


  • Short Communication   
    Platelet rich fibrin in regenerative dentistry: From biological background to clinical applications
    Author(s): Richard J Miron

    Course Description: The use of platelet concentrates has had a long history of use in various fields of medicine as an autologous source of growth factors fabricated utilizing centrifugation of blood under various conditions. While platelet-rich plasma (PRP) was proposed as a first-generation platelet concentrate over 3 decades ago, over the past 10 years, platelet rich fibrin (PRF) has seen a steady increase in utilization for a variety of medical procedures due to its lack of anti-coagulation factors favoring fibrin clot formation and faster wound healing. More recently, further research has demonstrated that shorter and slower centrifugation spin cycles ('the low-speed concept' now termed advanced-PRF, A-PRF+) additionally favors wound healing by incorporating higher populations of white blood cells and progenitor .. View More»

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