Plastic Surgery: Case Studies

Rajna M

Department of Physiotherapy, Shree B. G. Patel College of Physiotherapy, Gujarat, India


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    A Strategy to Stop Chronic Incapacity Arising from Survivable Injury Needs Well Coordinated Services for Revitalization
    Author(s): Rajna M*

    Aesthetic Surgery may be a comprehensive and illustrated work for college students, teachers, and active surgeons. It's a six-volume set with the topics of the volumes supported the clinical desires of plastic surgeons in developing countries. In conjunction with latest developments, these volumes incorporate landmark contributions, innovations, and techniques employed by Indian clinicians UN agency frequently agitate distinctive and sophisticated conditions. whereas a majority of authors are chosen from the Indian landmass, a couple of international authors whose work is taken into account indispensable for understanding the topic have additionally been enclosed. The six volumes obtain to include in one work problems relevant to the developing world in addition as insights from national and international cosmetic surgery practices that highlight newer management techniques in con.. View More»

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