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    Study of the Performative Changes due to the Modification of the Motor Programs through the Sincrony Methodology
    Author(s): Arianna Fogliata*, D. Mazzilli, R. Borghini, A. Ambretti and L. Martiniello

    Understanding how human beings generate movement is a fundamental objective due to the implications that it itself has in the various fields of application, especially those concerning the teaching methodology in stages of growth. Starting from the study of the Sincrony Theory (and its methodological applications into sports field, the authors have built an experimental paradigm to verify the different impact of Motor Programs based on the cause of movement compared to Motor Programs based on the effect. The basic idea is that movement perceived on a visual level matches to the effect of muscle contractions not visible in the manifest act but which are the cause. The authors studied a paradigm to evaluate whether through simple linguistic indications aimed at making a motor pattern used for causes, changes in performance would have been recorded. The authors therefore chose to evaluat.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2332- 2594.22.13(11).606

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