Journal of General Dentistry

Prof. Dr. Sukru Tüzmen

Professor, Eastern Mediterranean University, Congo


  • Short Communication   
    RNAi-based personalized Therapeutic Strategies in Oral Cancers: How Far Have We Come.
    Author(s): Prof. Dr. Sukru Tüzmen

    To A classical technique to determine the function of a gene is to experimentally inhibit its gene expression in order to examine the resulting phenotype or effect on molecular endpoints and signaling pathways. RNA interference (RNAi) is one of the recent discoveries of a naturally occurring mechanism of gene regulation facilitated by the induction of double stranded RNA into a cell. Synthetic short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) can be designed to silence the expression of specific genes bearing a particular target sequence and may potentially be presented as a therapeutic strategy for inhibiting transcriptional regulation of genes, which in such instances constitute a more attractive strategy than small molecule drugs. Commercially available RNAi libraries have made high-throughput genome- scale screening a feasible methodology for studying complex mammalian cell systems. Howev.. View More»

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