Medical Reports & Case Studies

ISSN - 2572-5130

Paponov VV

Department of General Pathology, Fund of the Newest Medical and Ecological Technologies, Moscow, Russia


  • Short Communication   
    Markers of General Pathology in Medical Monitoring
    Author(s): Paponov VD*, Paponov VV and Lanevskaya MI

    The entire centuries-old history of world medicine is marked by a constant search for ways to guarantee human health and longevity, as the main task facing humanity. The Found of the Newest Medical and Ecological Technologies (Moscow) considers it its duty to inform that a scientific discovery has occurred, the significance of which can hardly be overestimated, since it opens up previously unattainable horizons for humanity and for every person. To implement fundamentally new opportunities, it is required that the Supreme governing bodies of the most developed countries of the world, having discussed the latest high-tech achievements of their scientists in studying the capabilities of the genetic apparatus of human cells, help in the implementation of a scientific program for the implementation of guaranteed health and longevity of a person... View More»

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