Journal of Dental Research and Practice

Maria Luísa Alves Lins

Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil


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    Reconstruction of zygomatic-orbital fracture in pediatric patients victim of physical aggression by a large-caliber firearm projectiles
    Author(s): Maria Luísa Alves Lins*

    Facial trauma can be considered one of the most devastating aggressions found in trauma centers due to the emotional consequences and the possibility of deformity. This eventuality acquires a much greater danger when produced in children, because regardless of the possible facial scars, they can also affect the centers of growth and development of the facial skeleton, with future repercussions in functional defects. So, one must act with great professional security in the face of such emergencies, which require special care regarding diagnosis, classification and treatment, mainly because the face is one of the noblest regions of the body. This study aims to report a case of a pediatric patient victim of a domestic accident by firearm projectiles in which hit the right zygomatic-orbital causing permanent loss of vision. Female patient, 7 years old, accompanied by her mother, went to t.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jdrp.22.4(S1).03

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