Journal of General Dentistry

Kozokic Jovana

University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Romania


  • Short Communication   
    Datun in the Era of Toothbrush
    Author(s): Kozokic Jovana

    It is astonishing how everything around us is evolving so fast, and today we manage to include the elements of the past in our present. There is a long history of the use of plants to improve dental health and promote oral hygiene and it is still commonly practiced among Afro-Asian communities. The plant parts when used in this manner are commonly referred to as the “chewing stick”. In India they call it “datun”. Its use still remains in the modern era of dentistry. But, is it really effective? In order to answer this question, I performed a research at Bodhi Tree school, Bodhgaya, India in august 2018, on a total of 129 students (60 female and 69 male), aged between 7-16 years. The students were split up into four groups: I (7-9y), II (10-13y), III (14-16y) and IV children with special needs. I completed the general dental check up and the incidence of colorat.. View More»

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