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Kashetti S

Walchand centre of biotechnology, India


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    Editorial Note on ??????Relationship between Lung Cancer and Construction Workers??????
    Author(s): Kashetti S

    The word ‘Cancer’ itself created unwanted fear among the peoples of any age group. The study has considered that the chances of causing cancer is more in case of construction workers compared to general population, but there are some ways to reduce the risk of this type of cancer [1]. The cancer caused upon the exposure of carcinogens at their workplace is known as occupational cancer and the carcinogen are called as occupational carcinogen [2]. The occupational cancer may affect entire body or may restrict to particular body part which is exposed to carcinogen. The occupational cancer may affect skin, live and respiratory tract of an individual. The main objective of this study is to address the relationship between causes, risk/signs and prevention methods of lung cancer with the construction .. View More»

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