Journal of Microbiology and Immunology

Ghadevaru Sarathchandra

Madras Veterinary college, India


  • Short Communication   
    A Simple screening of Oxytetracycline residues in fish by Microbiological method
    Author(s): Akshaya Lakshminarayanan and Ghadevaru Sarathchandra

    Aquaculture is one of the emerging food sectors in the world. This provide high quality food product, which helps in economic welfare and it also gives employment to the skilled labors. Due to intensification in aquaculture, the occurrence of disease was more. To control and treat the disease in aquaculture field, farmers used antibiotics in improper manner. This leads to the accumulation of antibiotic residues in fish, which makes them resistant to that particular antibiotic. It was later transformed to other animals and human beings, which also makes them resistant to that antibiotic. Hence there is a need to monitor the presence of antibiotic residues in fish. In this study,.. View More»

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