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Francis Essien

Department of Internal Medicine, Keesler Medical Center, Keesler AFB, MS, USA


  • Short Communication   
    Does Marine Lenhart Syndrome Really Exist?
    Author(s): Francis Essien*

    Primary hyperthyroidism is the result of overproduction of thyroid hormone resulting in the classic symptoms of tachycardia, weight loss, diaphoresis, and hyper defecation. There are multiple common causes to include Graves’ disease, toxic multinodular goitre, and solitary toxic adenomas. Marine Lenhart Syndrome (MLS) is a rare cause of hyperthyroidism, caused by a coexistence of constitutively active thyroid nodules and Graves’ disease. In the original document of Marine and Lenhart, there is no distinction made between the autoimmune phenomenon of Graves’ disease and the solitary toxic nodule of Plummer’s disease. Rather they are both considered to be the manifestation of the same disease. However, in the current era of radionuclide technology, a clear distinction of MLS can be seen with diffuse uptake in the thyroid gland and.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2572-5130.21.6.226

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