Journal of Multiple Sclerosis

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Emma Rollas*

Department of Educational Psychology, University of East London, UK


  • Short Communication   
    A Short Note on the Assessment and Treatment of Behavioral and Psychological Health in Older patients
    Author(s): Emma Rollas**

    The assessment of older folks has to cowl the psychological domain of health, with attention on the individual’s behavior and mind. The most health issues poignant older folks during this domain are psychological feature impairment, depression and delirium. Though these are completely different health problems, their symptoms overlap and will gift at the same time this complicates diagnosing and therefore the alternative of treatment. Careful assessment is vital to succeed in the proper diagnosing, give applicable treatment and perceive the patient’s care desires. Over 2 hundredth of adults aged sixty and over suffer from a mental or disorder (excluding headache disorders) and half dozen.6% of all incapacity (disability adjusted life yearsDALYs) among folks over sixty years is attributed to mental and medicine disorders... View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2376-0389.21.8.256

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