Journal of Clinical Nursing and Practice

Elaine Wong Yee-Sing and Liaw Wee Tong

Red Element Health International, Singapore


  • Short Communication   
    Customized wellness solutions using health technological platforms: An exploratory research protocol
    Author(s): Elaine Wong Yee-Sing and Liaw Wee Tong

    Rapid transformations in demographic and socioeconomic shifts are leading to a growing global demand for health and beauty products and services that demands holistic concepts of well-being. In addition, technological breakthroughs such as internet of things make it convenient and offer innovative solutions for well-being and engage consumers to track their own health conditions and fitness goals. This new health economy encompasses three key concepts: Well-being, well-conditioned and well-shaped; which are shaped by wellness segments and goals that influence purchasing decisions of consumers. The research protocol aims to examine the feasibility, challenges and capabilities in provision for each customer with an ecosystem or platform that organizes data and insights to create an individual health and fitness, nutrition and beauty profile. Convenience sampling of 100 consumers residin.. View More»

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