Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562

Deveshkumar Mahendralal Kothwala

Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat, India


  • Research   
    Developing a Neurovascular Embolization Coil with Delivery System to Treat Brain Aneurysms
    Author(s): Pramodkumar Minocha*, Deveshkumar Mahendralal Kothwala, Arpit Pradipkumar Dave and Gaurang Kaushik Patel

    Aneurysms, characterized by weakened areas in arterial walls, pose a significant risk of life-threatening hemorrhage and permanent brain damage upon rupture. In this research, we present a novel neurovascular embolization coil assembly comprising an embolization coil and a delivery system, aimed at addressing the challenges associated with embolism trauma. The neurovascular embolization coil system features a delivery configuration that enables precise deployment of the embolization coil. Additionally, it incorporates a secondary coil system consisting of predefined shapes and patterns, which are derived by customizing a primary coil made of a super-elastic shape memory material. The proposed delivery system offers notable advantages, including cost-effectiveness and safety. It facilitates easy detachment of the coil implant through a threading mechanism, reducing procedural complicat.. View More»

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