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Cristiano Schiller

Managing Editor, Journal of General Dentistry, Belgium


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    Role of Flouride on Dental Problems
    Author(s): Cristiano Schiller

    Dental and Skeletal Fluorosis are known to happen since numerous a very long time in India and different countries. The two problems are depicted exhaustively in distributions since mid-1930s. Yet, the purposes behind the tooth and unresolved issue pulled in by Fluoride are not managed. The quick reaction is that the two tissues are wealthy in emphatically charged cations. It could be because of the anion-cation response. Be that as it may, there are other cation rich tissues in the body, which doesn't get distressed with Fluoride poisonousness alongside tooth and bone. Hence that chance is precluded. What could be the other reason(s)? As there are shared traits in the networks of the 2 tissues, studies with center around GAGs and glycoprotein.. View More»
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