Plastic Surgery: Case Studies

Chris Aston

Editorial Ofice, Plastic Surgery: Case Studies, Belgium


  • Mini Review   
    Relationship Between Plastic Surgery and Nano-Medicine
    Author(s): Chris Aston*

    One of the most diversified surgical subspecialties is plastic and reconstructive surgery. Grafts, flaps, free-tissue transfers, and replantation of diverse tissues ranging from nerve, vascular, bone, muscle, and skin are among the procedures used. The objective of plastic surgery is to restore the form and function of resected or damaged tissue while keeping or refining the aesthetic appearance and maintaining or refining the blood supply. The plastic surgeon can assist the patient to improve their quality of life by sticking to these standards. Surgical procedures in general are mostly focused on mechanical tissue healing, with biological activity receiving less consideration.. View More»
    DOI: 10.37532/pscs.

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