Medical Reports & Case Studies

ISSN - 2572-5130

Amber L Cadick

Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency, 530 N 7th Street, Suite 200, Terre Haute, IN 47807, USA


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    A Brief Note on Medical Mimics of Psychiatric Disorders in the Geriatric Population
    Author(s): Amber L Cadick*, Robert M Ehresman and Jonathan A Jones

    The act of diagnosing medical conditions is complex and can become difficult as patients present with behavioral health symptoms such as mania and psychosis. This process becomes more complicated as patients age because of physical fragility and patients often present with poly pharmacy. Medical providers need to develop a comprehensive differential diagnosis for patients presenting with behavioral health concerns including medical mimics of these conditions. The term medical mimic has been used to describe the clinical condition of an underlying medical condition masquerading as another disorder... View More»

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