Journal of Multiple Sclerosis

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Sushmita Sinha

Sushmita Sinha


  • Review Article
    Multiparameter Flow Cytometric Assays to Quantify Effector and Regulatory T-Cell Function in Multiple Sclerosis

    Author(s): Sushmita Sinha and Nitin J. KarandikarSushmita Sinha and Nitin J. Karandikar

    The immune system plays a major pathological and regulatory role in multiple sclerosis (MS) and, therefore, is a focus of extensive research. Animal models of MS have been crucial in understanding the pathological processes in MS and developing certain treatments, however, all crucial aspects of the human disease may not be appropriately modeled. With the exception of detecting oligoclonal bands and IgG synthesis in cerebrospinal fluids of MS patients, there has not been major progress in the development of immunologic tests that can be used for diagnosis of MS. Further, due to the lack of validated immune assays, routine monitoring of the immune system following therapy initiation is not a part of standard patient care in MS. This is critical since immunomodulatory therapies used for MS treatment are not benign and, more importantly, there is a considerable variation in clinical resp.. View More»


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