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Sarwar H

Sarwar H


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    Gastric Leiomyoma and its Management: A Rare Occurrence
    Author(s): Naz S, Afzal M, Sarwar H, Shakeel O and Rehman SNaz S, Afzal M, Sarwar H, Shakeel O and Rehman S

    Gastric leiomyoma is an uncommon gastric neoplasia. These are rare tumors and usually asymptomatic on clinical presentation. The laparoscopic technique may treat different gastric tumors, including benign leiomyoma by wedge resection without opening the abdomen. The laparoscopic way to deal with submucosal tumors of the stomach is in fact doable, safe and has great postoperative outcomes. Laparoscopic resection is considered as a feasible choice as suitable and safe as open surgical procedure. In this study we portray a single case of laparoscopic wedge resection of gastric leiomyoma... View More»

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