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Neil Lava

Neil Lava

Emory MS Center USA


Neil Lava is from Emory Healthcare, USA. Currently he is working as a Professor for Emory Healthcare, USA in the department of Neurology.  He graduated from New Jersey College of Medicine in the year 1973. He is a Faculty of Albany Medical College Department of Neurology since 1984 and directed the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic until coming to Emory 11/2007 to start the Emory Multiple Sclerosis Clinic. His international experience includes various programs, contributions and participation in different countries for diverse fields of study.  His research interests as a Professor reflect in his wide range of publications in various national and international journals.  He is Elected to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (Upstate New York Chapter) Health Professional Hall of Fame 2006.

Research Interest

 back pain (non-surg),Bell's palsy,botox, brain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral palsy, chiari malformations, dementia assessment, dysphagia, general neurology, Guillian,Barre, headache, herniated disc, hydrocephalus, memory behavior, migraine, multiple sclerosis, myopathy, neurodegenerative disease, Neurology, neuromuscular, neuropathic pain, peripheral neuropathy, Psychiatry, radiculopathy, sarcoidosis, sciatica, spinal stenosis, trigeminal neuralgia

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