Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562

Nae J Dun

Nae J Dun

Departments of Pharmacology, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, USA


He is awarded PhD from Loyola University Chicago in the year 1975.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) from University of Illinois in the year 1969.  He has extended his valuable service as a Professor in Temple University School of Medicine Philadelphia and has been a recipient of many award and grants. Currently, he is working as a Professor in the Department of Pharmacology. His international experience includes various programs, contributions and participation in different countries for diverse fields of study.  His research interests as a Professor reflect in his wide range of publications in various national and international journals.


Research Interest

The goal of his research program is to identify the neural substrate involved in the regulation of blood pressure and heart rate. His current research focuses on the identification and characterization of novel ligands and receptors, and neural circuitry relevant to control of circulation.

Relevant Topics