Journal of Multiple Sclerosis

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Melissa Lamar

Melissa Lamar

Dr Melissa, Associate Professor , Department of Psychiatry, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA


 Dr. Lamar received her Ph.D. in Clinical Neuropsychology from Drexel University in Philadelphia before joining the Cognition Section of the Baltimore Longitudinal Study on Aging within the intramural program of the National Institute on Aging. There through her Scientific Director’s Training Award in Research, Dr. Lamar studied the functional implications for age-related structural vulnerabilities within the prefrontal cortex of healthy older adults. It was during her time at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London that Dr. Lamar began to focus more exclusively on the impact of vascular risk factors like hypertension and diabetes on brain aging, incorporating various structural MRI techniques into her work.

Research Interest

Dr. Lamar’s research at UIC centers on the impact of vascular risk factors on brain structure and function in normal and pathological aging with an emphasis on minority health disparities.

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