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Jin Jun Luo

Jin Jun Luo

Jin Jun Luo Departments of Neurology and Pharmacology Temple University School of Medicine 3401 North Broad Street, Suite C525 Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA

Dr. Jin Jun Luo, MD, PhD, FAAN, FAANEM, is an associate professor of Neurology and an adjunct associate professor of Pharmacology, and the Director of EMG and Neuromuscular Medicine at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. He is board certified in neurology, clinical neurophysiology, neuromuscular medicine, and electrodiagnostic medicine. Dr. Luo is a frequent contributor to neurology literature and serves three Editorial Boards and a reviewer for 12 professional journals. Dr. Luo is a member of the Philadelphia Neurological Society, American Academy of Neurology, American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine, and American Clinical Neurophysiology Society.


Research Interest

Research Interest: Neuromuscular disorders, Metabolic/inherited and genetic disorders, Epilepsy, dementia and degenerative disorders
Clinical Interest: Neuromuscular disorders, General neurology, Epilepsy, Genetic and congenital disorders

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