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Jansen JFA

Jansen JFA

Maastricht University Netherlands

For my postdoctoral fellowship at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, I studied patients with head and neck cancer. My research was aimed at 1) aiding the diagnosis by exploring the synergy between several quantitative MR (diffusion, perfusion and, spectroscopy) and PET measurements, and 2) investigating the predictive value of these techniques.Currently I am working as Assistant Professor at the department of Radiology at the Maastricht University Medical Center and at the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience of Maastricht University, where I continue to apply quantitative MR techniques in a clinical setting, e.g. patients with epilepsy and diabetes mellitus type II. In particular I am interested in the relationship of cognitive decline with MR biomarkers in these patients groups. In November 2010, I was awarded the prestigious VENI grant for researching cognitive decline in diabetes mellitus type II. I also focus on newer data analysis techniques to study functional and structural connectivity, and network characteristics of the brain.
Research Interest
Head and neck Cancer

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