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Gunther Ladurner

Gunther Ladurner

Paracelsus Medical University


Gunther Ladurner completed his graduation in 1967 at Graz followed by activities at the Psychiatric / Neurological University Hospital Graz, training for four years in psychiatry, then change in the field of neurology, continuation of education with a focus on neurophysiology and scientific activity .He attained Training in the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases Queen Square London where he learnt computed tomography, cerebral circulatory research and neurophysiology, additional frequency in the Great Ormond Street Hospital, Pediatric Neurology He served as associate professor of neurology in Graz in 1983He was appointed as the Honorary Professor of Physiological Psychology in 1984 and Deputy Medical Director of Landesnervenklinik in 1991.In 1998 appointment as Medical Director of the Christian-Doppler-Clinic, as well as MS-Fund. In 2005 he served as Professor of Neurology at the Paracelsus Medical University

Research Interest

Neruology, nervous diseases,neurophysiology, Physiological Psychology

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