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Chantal Reglade-Meslin

Chantal Reglade-Meslin

The Australian National University,doctor


Dr. Chantal Reglade-Meslin Centre for Mental Health Research, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia Mrs Chantal Meslin .ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment. Expertise in Epidemiology, Mental Health, Developmental Psychology And Ageing. Geriatrics And Gerontology, Neurosciences, Other Medical And Health Sciences. Publications Ritchie, K, Jaussent, I, Portet, F et al 2012, 'Depression in elderly persons subject to childhood maltreatment is not modulated by corpus callosum and hippocampal loss', Journal of Affective Disorders.

Research Interest

Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Scan, Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Hippocampus,Trauma Nursing,Magnetic Particles,Trauma Related Glaucoma

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