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Carli L Roulston

Carli L Roulston

 Department of Medicine,St Vincent’s Hospital,Australia.    


Dr Roulston completed a PhD at Monash University in 2001 where she then commenced post-doctoral studies in stroke research with Prof Bevyn Jarrott adn Dr Jennifer Callaway. Roulston was recruited to the Howard Florey Institute under the leadership of Prof Greg Dusting in 2002 with support from Neuroscience Victoria, to conduct commercial research evaluating the effects of novel flavonoid compounds in recovery from stroke in rats. These studies lead to the establishment of a start-up company (NeuProtect P/L) with a BIF grant making an International Patent application in 2005 and subsequent capital raising approximately $15 million to progress to Phase I clinical trial. 

In 2005 Roulston moved to the O’Brien Institute where she commenced independent research investigating mechanisms involved in oxidative stress after ischaemic stroke in rats. Since this time Roulston has expanded her research to include mechanisms associated with brain repair after stroke and was appointed team leader of the Brain Injury and Repair group in 2009. With recent support from the NHMRC #628767, Roulston has been investigating the role of free radicals in angiogenesis as well as the use of human adult stem cells for transplant after stroke in collaboration with A/Prof Jeremy Crook and Dr Nao Kobayashi at the Centre for Neural Tissue Engineering, University of Melbourne. In an important new move Roulston recently re-located to the Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne St Vincent’s Campus, where she was appointed team leader of Neurotrauma research. This new location enables Dr Roulston to work more closely with leading clinicians who specialise in brain disorders, and importantly collaborate with lead scientists at the Bionics Institute  for the development of innovative strategies for stroke recovery. 
Research Interest

 Research interests are -Targeting astrogliosis and brain stimulation after stroke to promote plasticity and functional recovery (Research Gift)  awarded by BRAIN FOUNDATION .


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