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Benjamin N Blond

Benjamin N Blond

 Department of Neurology , Yale-New Haven Hospital, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, USA


 Benjamin Blond graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College, receiving his B.A. in Neuroscience in 2008. He was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi. At Amherst, Ben worked in a lab researching a PCP model of schizophrenia in rats, investigating rats exposed to PCP that demonstrate some behaviors and neurobiology similar to schizophrenia. His thesis looked at the effects of stress in this model, and whether stressing the rats was independently contributing to modeling schizophrenia. Ben then entered the M.D. program at Yale in 2008, where he was the recipient of the Amherst College John Woodruff Simpson fellowship. For his research here, he worked with Dr. Hilary Blumberg in the Department of Psychiatry. He used fMRI to study both state and trait features of bipolar disorder, looking at features that are only seen in one of the acute mood states (mania and depression) compared to abnormal features in the disorder that are seen in both the acute and normal mood states

Research Interest

 schizophrenia,neurology,bipolar disorder,fMRI,depression, mania, mood disorders

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