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Anouk Lamontagne

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    Visuomotor Control Post Stroke Can be Affected by a History of Visuospatial Neglect
    Author(s): Jessica Berard, Joyce Fung and Anouk LamontagneJessica Berard, Joyce Fung and Anouk Lamontagne

    A frequent consequence of stroke is locomotor disturbance. Locomotor steering, which relies heavily on the use of visual information, can be affected by a stroke but little is known about such disturbance. We investigated the ability of nine chronic stroke patients to steer in response to changes in the optic flow in a single-subject design. Subjects were instructed to walk straight for 5 m in a virtual environment with or without a perturbation of the focus of expansion (FOE), rotating horizontally 40° towards the right or left from the midline. Subjects exhibited 3 distinct behaviours: (I) 4/9 subjects showed no deficits in their locomotor strategy and responded by rotating their head and body in the direction opposite to the FOE shift, as previously reported in healthy individuals: (II) 2/9 subjects showed some degree of steering adjustments in response to the flow but r.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9562.S8-001

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