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Important Citations

NLRP3 Inflammasome: A Novel Therapeutic Target in Arthritis

Recent Developments in Ozone Sensor Technology for Medical Applications.

Ozone Decreases Biomarkers of Inflamation (C-Reactive Protein and Erytrocyte Sedimentation Rate) and Improves Pain, Function and Quality of Life in Knee Osteoarthrtitis Patients: A Before-and-After Study and Review of the Literature

An investigation into the efficacy of intra-articular ozone (O 2 –O 3 ) injection in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

The temporal effect of intra-articular ozone injections on pain in knee osteoarthritis.

Medical ozone therapy as a potential treatment modality for regeneration of damaged articular cartilage in osteoarthritis.

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials

Occult Giant Cell Arteritis Responding Promptly to Tocilizumab after Failure of High Dose Corticosteroid Therapy

Survey on Obesity Related Health Issues

Prospective Review on Genetic Disorders

Combination of methotrexate and sulfasalazine is an efficacious option for axial spondyloarthritis in a resource-limited, real-world clinical setting: a prospective cohort study

Iron Study is a Weak Indicator in Symptomatic C282Y/ H63D Compound

Walking analysis when using a walker / walking vehicle in the elderly

Bilateral shoulder arthrodesis in a Pekinese using three-dimensional printed patient-specific osteotomy and reduction guides

Physical Therapy for Increased Quality of Life Among Patients with Arthroses

Biologics and Immunologics related to Rheumatoid Arthritis

Effects of 50 Days Ovomet Supplementation on Biomechanical Parameters and Subjective Pain Perception among Old Institutionalized Patients. A PreliminaryStudy

Egg Shell Membranes for Veterinary Uses

Eggshell Membrane+Fish Oil Combination (Move3î) Reduces Exercise-Induced Joint Pain, Stiffness and Cartilage Turnover in Healthy Adults: Results from a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study

Dielectric Properties of Eggshell Membrane of Some Select Bird Species