Zorac: apps for the integral management of overweight | Abstract

Journal of Health and Medical Research

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Zorac: apps for the integral management of overweight

Donovan Casas Patino

In Mexico, obesity and overweight (OySP) have become a social epidemic of uncontrollable magnitude, in this context multiple proposals have been presented to combat OySP, from invasive clinical models to food policies such as food labeling and reduction of calories in food, and even so The problem of OySP is increasing, so we devised a proposal for a virtual page in which, through the translation of the knowledge of experts in the study area, we propose the creation of the Pepitometer, which functions as the instrument for disseminating knowledge of health styles Life in this age group, through two parameters, scientific awareness of the translation of knowledge and the availability of information, makes the appropriation of children behavior towards healthy lifestyles through the promotion of these contents in the family nucleus.