Trauma, Traumatization and Adverse Environments in War and A | 47008

Clinical and Experimental Psychology


Trauma, Traumatization and Adverse Environments in War and Armed- Conflict

Trevor Archer

The present account outlines a scenario of chronically-unfolding disaster that has arisen from the propensity for ‘ongoing-acceptance-of-war-states’ despite the costs paid by all those touched by its epidemic proportions. From the perspective of trauma and traumatization of combatants, civilians and survivors, the consequences, generally life-long, may be measured in various terms that include posttraumatic stress disorder, epigenetic and telomeric manifestation, the destruction of relationships, child welfare and individual profiles with a high probability of irreversibility. The ravages of war describe a confluence of syndromes and disorders, pathophysiological and neurogenetic predispositions, and requirement for prevention and intervention that entice dire considerations of cataclysm if left to fester.