The Effect of Teambuilding on Team Development: A Quasi-Expe | 47006

Clinical and Experimental Psychology


The Effect of Teambuilding on Team Development: A Quasi-Experiment within a Swedish State Authority

Christian Jacobsson, Linnea Nissling, Lisa Skår and Trevor Archer

The effect of teambuilding on team development was studied with a quasi-experimental design by evaluating consultants’ teambuilding interventions in 20 experimental groups within a Swedish state authority. These were compared to 22 control groups that did not receive an intervention. Team development was assessed through pre- and post-test with the “Group Development Questionnaire” (GDQ). Results indicated that experimental groups had significant higher values on scale IV in the GDQ in the post-test compared to control groups. There were no significant differences between experimental and control groups on GDQ scale I-III across time. The results indicate that teambuilding contributes to team development and encourages to further research with regard to “real life” work groups.