Clinical and Experimental Psychology

ISSN - 2471-2701


Teacher Team Effectiveness and Teachers Well-being

Christian Jacobsson, Maria Åkerlund, Elisabet Graci, Emma Cedstrand and Trevor Archer

The purpose of the present study was to examine the relationship between how teachers rate the effectiveness of their ‘teacher-teams’ as well as the experience of their own well-being. Team effectiveness was measured using the Group Development Questionnaire and well-being was assessed through responses on scales derived for estimating emotional exhaustion and work satisfaction. Data were collected from 521 Swedish teachers and preschool teachers belonging to 105 teacher-teams, the response rate was 100%. The results indicate a strong relationship between the effectiveness of the teacher-teams and teachers’ well-being, both with regard to levels of emotional exhaustion and work satisfaction. More effective teamwork was associated with lower levels of emotional exhaustion and higher levels of work satisfaction. The practical implications of these observations are discussed with regard to future research.