Several Models of Physical Exercise Subjective Preferences | 46551

Clinical and Experimental Psychology


Several Models of Physical Exercise Subjective Preferences

Andriy Viktorovich Goncharenko

Here in it has been made an attempt to find a theoretical explanation and build some mathematical models of the physical exercises optimal training process with regards to the multi-alternative process exercises preferences by patients and coaches. The psychological uncertainty of such training multi-alternativeness is evaluated with subjective entropy of the patients’ and coaches’ individual preferences. Applying the subjective entropy maximum principle we get optimal distributions of the preferences. The proposed concept allows finding the optimal physical exercises loads for the available training alternatives with taking into account optimization of the corresponding parameters and possible exercises components. The discussed approach has the significance of the cognitive function psychic value for the diagnostic and prognostic estimations at the patient, coach, psychiatrist, clinic, etc. levels. The corresponding modeling performed is illustrated with the necessary diagrams.