Self-Esteem and Health Benefits Arising from Regular Physica | 47359

Clinical and Experimental Psychology


Self-Esteem and Health Benefits Arising from Regular Physical Exercise

Rose Mary Erixon and Trevor Archer

Introduction: The present study examined self-reported physical and mental health among sedentary and exercising individuals.
Methods: The latter consisted of runners (n=23) and martial arts performers (n=21) whereas the former were described as ‘physically-inactive’ (n=14) with a mean age of 43 to 45 years.
Results: The results showed no differences between exerciser and non-exercisers with regard to memory capacity although there were was a significantly higher intake of Energy drinks by the latter. The former expressed higher levels of positive affect PANAS-positive affect and SE-perceived energy together with ‘Aches and pains’, ‘Use of pain-killers’ and SE-perceived stress that the sedentary individuals.
Discussion: These findings are discussed from a perspective of physical and mental health arising from sedentary or active lifestyles.