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Clinical and Experimental Psychology


Sabotaging The Self - A Trait? and It’s Relationship with Neuroticism

Wendy Thomson

Introduction: The present study examines the extent to which self-defeating ideation, measured through the use of the Self-Defeating Quotient discrepancy scores, and behaviour reflect a single unitary trait of self-defeatedness, and the extent to which levels of this underlying trait are related to Neuroticism.
Results: The results of a Structural Equation Model provide support for a single-factor model of Self-defeatedness using the Self-Defeating Quotient (S. D. Q.). Additionally, the one factor model of the relationship between selfdefeating ideation and neuroticism indicated a significant path between SDQ Discrepancy scores and Neuroticism.
Conclusion: The results indicate a significant relationship between the Self-Defeating Quotient and neuroticism. Combining information from multiple measures into a composite trait measure, and using SEM to take measurement error into consideration, may provide a more accurate estimate of the strength of this relationship. These results provide support for the view that self-defeating ideation is a unitary trait and a possible contender for joining the big five as number six.