Review on Health Economics and Outcome Research | 66832

Health Economics & Outcome Research: Open Access

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Review on Health Economics and Outcome Research

Sangeeta Tikyani Singh*

Health economics is an essential component of hospital administration, public health policy, pharmacy, nursing and medicine. Owing to greater emphasis on global health standards, health economics and the associated research activities have also proportionately expanded. The focus however is on providing optimal healthcare at affordable cost rather than the interest in economics. In this backdrop, Health Economics & Outcomes Research Journal aims to provide a better and comprehensive understanding of the health care sector while offering public health policy solutions and promoting research and developmental activities for diseases that are highly prevalent in low income and developing countries. The Journal provides an excellent open access platform for presentation and sharing of novel economic concepts and emphasizing on systematic studies for scientific comprehension of health care institutions’ functioning and health care markets. The Journal offers a wider scope along with prospects for publication of theoretical observations as well as experimental findings making a positive impact on health and health care services while furnishing ample evidence based information for development of governmental policies, allocation of health care resources, thus enabling pharmaceutical industries to make investment decisions and set reasonable product prices.