Redefining the Value of Relationships | 47050

Clinical and Experimental Psychology


Redefining the Value of Relationships

Jimmy Mody

Human civilization today is moving dangerously close towards what some people predict as World War III. Intolerance is at its height at the level of religious faith, national priorities, and racial conflict, right down to the individual in the family group. This paper explores a new way of defining the goal of all relationships, indeed a new way of looking at and using ‘relationships’ in ones life. Consequently it is hoped that this paper will become a starting point for both therapists and all those lay people who are struggling to better ‘manage’ their relationships. It seeks to go beyond the customary typical goals and values, where relationship goals are seen as either, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, or as creating ‘win-win’ situations. ‘Harmony’ is often seen as a goal for those relationships where one either seeks support of some kind, or peace at any cost. Could there be something more significant or integral to relationships than this? Lets take a look.