Public Health Issue Related to Road Traffic Crashes (RTCs) | Abstract

International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health

ISSN - 1840-4529


Public Health Issue Related to Road Traffic Crashes (RTCs)

Jaspreet Kulharni

Road Traffic Crashes(RTCs) are responsible for the great number of morbidity and mortality, resulting in a significant burden globally. According to the World Organization global status on road safety (2016) statistics [1], each year approximately 1.25 million people kill on world roads and more than millions bear injuries, with suffering of long hospital stay or live with permanent disabilities. So, massive young potential is being destroyed including poor, between the age of 15-44 years, and most often breadwinners in their family; with also raise in social and economic consequences. Furthermore, one of the top three causes of death among young (aged 15–29 years) people is road traffic relatedinjuries [1].